In all of life, there are beginnings and endings, light and dark, old and new, the past, the present, and the future. Ceremonies assist in allowing us to release what no longer serves, usher in new chapters, offer up gratitude, and celebrate those who are no longer with us.  Opening, purifying, cleansing, and releasing are all possibilities when we come into ceremony.

Please reach out for more information and to discuss how holding space through ceremony can benefit you, your relationship to yourself, others and your home, your business or other physical spaces. Ceremonies are held both indoors and in nature.

  • In support of major life changes including marriage, divorce, adoption, professional growth, death

  • Sealing and cleansing of physical spaces including homes (death, divorce, birth, blending of families, etc)

  • One-on-one and group ceremonies to release pain, grief, habitual and addictive behaviors, energetic and emotional connections to other people and places, trauma, etc

Fees are determined based on distance, consultations, and services. All charges will be discussed in detail and agreed upon prior to payment and scheduling. Please reach out for more information.